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Twister Links!!

Here are some links to sites that we like or whose products we use or support. If you have a "Twister" related site, use the contact us form to submit your site for approval. If you should find that any of the links are broken, please drop us a line so we can remove it or contact the site owner for the new URL.

The absolute BEST Capacitive Discharge Ignition unit available for your Vintage Snowmobile! The FIREPLUG CDI!
The Crank Clinic
Excellent & affordable crankshaft rebuilding for sleds and watercraft. Call Marv at 715-479-5310
A place to get reproduction decal kits for motorcycles and snowmobiles (especially Twisters).
LEE FREDERICKSON has a good variety of reproduction fiberglass parts and other parts for Twisters and other sleds. Give him a call at 651-433-2401 (located in Marine, MN)
A great source for Twister parts & sleds. Be sure to check out their site to see what they offer or give them a call at 715-479-7427.
A great place to visit to get a good dose of racing history.